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Are you looking to:

  • Network with high level executives in your field?
  • Get an inside look into challenges that could alter your career path?
  • Positively impact your community?
  • Grow your career toolset?
  • Learn from other’s experiences?
  • Benefit from Members-only privileges?
  • Gain quick access to job listings?

generalmembershipIf you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then now is the time to become a valued Member of the growing Financial Women’s Association.

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“I love this organization because of all of its terrific members! I remain a member because I believe in the mission of the FWA and all of the good work we do through fundraising to support scholarships, mentoring and financial literacy programs.”
— Stephanie Ackler, CFA, Managing Director Investments at Ackler Wealth Management of Wells Fargo Advisors LLC and FWA Member since 1998

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“I value making connections with people and learning useful tools that will benefit both my professional and personal life.”
— Hermina “Nina” Batson, Vice President, Investment Banking and Markets, MUFG Union Bank, N.A., and FWA Member since 2009.

Reasons WHY You Should Be a Part of the FWA NOW:

  1. Network with high level executives in your field
    Expand your network by joining the FWA’s worldwide network of professionals. Networking and sharing ideas with professionals in your industry is key to achieving a long and successful career. The FWA brings together thought leaders to address the membership on a variety of topics that enhance their professional development.
  2. Get an inside look into potential challenges that could alter your career path
    The FWA will help you keep up with new technological developments and enable you to gain insights into financial and political issues. You will hear directly from experts actively engaged in these issues so that you can better plan for the future in both your personal and professional life.
  3. Make a difference in your community
    As a member of the FWA, you can “pay-it-forward” by sharing your skills and experience with others just getting started in their careers in the financial services industry and by helping women who are re-entering the job market. By becoming an active participant in the FWA’s community outreach, scholarship, fundraising, and mentoring programs, you will help others and feel good about yourself, too.
  4. Broaden your skills and connections
    As a member of the FWA, you will meet other highly skilled professionals who exchange invaluable advice and offer support to one another. You will enrich your skills by engaging in the FWA’s seminars, workshops, panel discussions and attending talks by leaders in the financial services industry. Make new business connections at our events and by joining one of our 30 FWA committees. Committees are at the heart of the FWA experience. That is where you will not only enhance your career toolset but develop lasting friendships that will enrich you both professionally and personally. Just ask any long time FWA member and they will gladly tell you how the FWA has influenced their lives.
  5. Gain a global perspective
    Every year, the FWA organizes a trip to another country where we visit with leading financial service organizations, their leadership and the most important government agencies. We were one of the first groups to visit China when that country opened up to visitors. To date, we have visited many countries, including Germany, Brazil, Japan, Vietnam and the U.K., just to name a few.
  6. Take advantage of Members-only privileges
    FWA Members are entitled to discounts to all FWA events. The price to non-members is from 25% to 50% higher than the FWA Member price, making your annual dues more than worth your investment. We limit attendance to FWA Members at select high-value events, such as private conversations with CEO’s. You are invited to attend our complimentary monthly Career Connections/Transition Tuesday events with guest speakers who will discuss how to advance your career. The Annual Meeting, one of our largest get-togethers, is free to Members and closed to outsiders. Gain exclusive access to the FWA’s online membership directory and the Members-only FWA LinkedIn Group. In addition, FWA membership confers automatic membership in two other leading professional organizations. The first is The International Alliance for Women (TIAW), a consortium of women’s organizations that promotes advancement of women in business. The second is The New York Women’s Agenda (NYWA), a coalition of women professionals and community activists who support the diversity and interests of New York women through collaboration, advocacy and education.
  7. Gain quick access to recent job listings
    Our active job board is only accessible to FWA Members. Check often for new listings as job opportunities are updated frequently. Maintain a competitive edge that separates you from the competition by gaining exclusive access to our growing job board, which includes positions in financial services and non-profit organizations.

“The FWA allows me to ‘give’ and ‘get.’ Give time, ideas, thoughts, advice and contribute to a great organization made up of very talented and accomplished people, and get lots of lessons and friendships.”
— Charles Bernard, CEO of Criteria for Success and FWA Member since 2010

Application Review Schedule

Applications will be reviewed on the following dates*:

Thursday, September 11
Thursday, October 2
Thursday, November 6
Thursday, December 4

Thursday, January 8
Thursday, February 5
Thursday, March 5
Thursday, April 2
Thursday, May 7
Thursday, June 4

(Please submit applications to the FWA at least two days prior to the review date for that month’s review.)
*Dates are subject to change

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