Message from the President

Maureen Adolf
FWA President 2014-15

A New Year, a New Challenge

We’re fast approaching the end of the year, a time when many of us are busy balancing work, holidays and school vacations. But it’s also important to take some time to consider what you accomplished during the past year and begin to think about 2015 and the steps you’ll be taking to advance your career next year.

Some of you may have formally done this as part of the end of the year performance review process at work. It’s the time of year when many are asked to provide self-appraisals that their supervisors will turn into annual performance reviews. I’m confident that your personal retrospective reminded you of all that you are capable of accomplishing and provided the impetus to set even higher goals in 2015.

Hopefully some of your own goals involve a personal focus on diversity – recognizing its value, taking steps to achieve it and supporting diverse points of view. Perhaps you are in a position to hire, in which case a personal commitment to a diverse slate of qualified candidates is critical. Or maybe you are in a position to accommodate the needs of a working mother – or father – for a flexible work schedule. Mentoring young workers and joining or sponsoring an employee resource group is another option. But even those who are not in a position or do not have the time to do any of these can still support diversity by simply respecting the efforts and views of those who are different from us.

As women, we must always be conscious of the need to support other women. As Marge Magner, a past FWA Woman of the Year and a panelist at a recent FWA event said, “We must take action in every way, every day… in helping other women be heard and, if necessary, repeating what they have said to reinforce them.”

It’s very easy, in what is an increasingly competitive working world, to lose sight of the need to support one another, especially as we find our own success. Having struggled into a senior position, some women focus on the competition ahead of them as they continue to strive for success and don’t look back. It’s the “I did it, so can she” mentality. But chances are, no one of us has achieved success on our own. We’ve all climbed on the shoulders of those who paved the way for us to be heard, to be equitably treated and to be successful.

The FWA offers opportunities, outside of the workplace, to give back and help one another advance in our careers. Right now, the Nominating Committee, chaired by former FWA President Anne Izzillo, is actively engaged in identifying and nominating candidates to serve as officers of the FWA in 2015. In the course of their work, they are also identifying members who would like to chair or participate on the many great FWA Committees. I encourage everyone to consider taking on a leadership position or getting involved in a committee as a personal stretch goal, and as a way to support each other in 2015.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season!

With warm regards,

Maureen E. Adolf
FWA President 2014-15

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