Business & Government Affairs

Committee Chair

Gerri Alfino

Staying continuously updated on current events affecting the world has never been as important as it is right at this very moment. No group of individuals understands that better than the Business and Government Affairs Committee; dedicated to bringing key topics to light in order to highlight what very well may be tomorrow’s financial market challenges.

Creating a collaborate environment where FWA Members can join together and discuss various topic areas including global economics, technology and the financial systems landscape, the Committee ultimately helps to drive professional growth for everyone involved. Also, it provides the opportunity to build upon the existing FWA network and to work on skills outside of the typical work environment such as planning, organizing, marketing and executing events.

Holding three to four events per year, the Business & Government Affairs Committee is ideal for Members who are committed to executing and achieving results that benefit other FWA Members in addition to those who have creative ideas for upcoming events and speakers, support FWA events through marketing, and help run the events.

Popular past events include:

  • A Look Into the Life of CFOs & Treasurers EventA Look Into the Life of CFOs and Treasurers

    A panel of distinguished women CFO and treasury professionals who are making a difference in today’s era of increased scrutiny, higher accountability, growth expectations and volatile markets addressed FWA Members and guests. The panel highlights included a conversation on today’s challenges and opportunities for women financial officers as well as career development.

  • ferguson

    Roger Ferguson, Jr. TIAA-CREF CEO

    TIAA-CREF CEO Roger Ferguson, Jr. Discusses Retirement in the 21st Century

    In this interactive session, Mr. Ferguson outlined potential next steps for the financial services industry and provided alternatives to the traditional retirement story. A lively Q&A session provided Members and guests an opportunity to further explore this topic of great personal and professional importance.

  • Lily Klebanoff Blake, Patti Domm, Dan Yergin, Anne Izzillo

    Lily Klebanoff Blake, Patti Domm, Dan Yergin, Anne Izzillo

    A Conversation with Dan Yergin

    Pulitzer Prize winner Daniel Yergin spoke on the eve of the launch of his new book, “The Quest – Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World.”  Mr. Yergin discussed the state of energy today and how it affects our global economic and political realities.

  • Municipal Credit Crisis – Fact or Fiction?

    An outstanding panel discussed the financial and regulatory framework for government obligors, why pension obligations are such a hot button issue and what the potential fixes are, and what their impact may be on capital markets, investors and local taxpayers.

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