Emerging Leaders

“Charting one’s professional course in the first ten years upon graduation or within the first ten years of an alternate career focus can be enhanced through the connections made within the Emerging Leaders Committee.”
— Elena Gerasimova, Committee Co-Chairs

Committee Chair

Elena Gerasimova

Elena Gerasimova

Emerging Leaders Committee’s three primary objectives:

  • Members enhancing their skill sets in networking with their peers. These “horizontal” relationships are then supplemented by the Committee’s second objective.
  • This second objective includes the growth of “vertical” relationships which is facilitated through the Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program. This program was established in early 2007 and constitutes the FWA’s only intra-organization forum that brings emerging leaders into direct contact with more seasoned FWA members who have been in his/her career for 25+ years.
  • The final objective of the Committee rests in skill enhancement seminars that focus on the development and practice of a professional skill set through lecture, role playing and other interactive procedures.

The FWA is a multifaceted resource for its members. The Emerging Leaders Committee provides an additional platform within which the affinities generated through those in the first ten years of a specific career path are able to develop.

For more information, contact Carmela Crawford at carmelarcrawford@aol.com or Elena Gerasimova at egerasimova@gmail.com.