“There are more professionals from smaller firms on the Entrepreneurs Committee than elsewhere in the organization, and many of those come out of larger firm experiences earlier in their careers.  As a result, the spectrum of experiences is deep, varied and diverse.  Having the benefit of different perspectives is a valuable asset and skill set.”
—Diana Merenda, co-chair of the Entrepreneurs Committee

Committee Co-Chairs

Alana McNichol

Diana Merenda

This Committee provides support for women entrepreneurs through group meetings, networking and special events.  All of these gatherings are extremely important so that entrepreneurs have a support system as many do not have the same resources available as corporate America / more established businesses do.

The Entrepreneurs Committee has also featured funding events related to angel investing and crowd funding.  They were very successful historically, and considering the changed and ever-changing funding landscape resulting from the new Jobs Act, the committee is likely to sponsor similar events in the future.

All FWA members are welcome to get involved. Committee members do not have to be entrepreneurs “today.” Former entrepreneurs, those who are planning to be entrepreneurs one day, or those who are simply curious are all welcome.

Get access to information that could help you to excel in growing your business! For more information, contact co-chairs Diana Merenda at diana.merenda@gmail.com and Alana McNichol at amcnichol@lahcpas.com.