Executive Leaders

“We recognized the need to keep the FWA relevant to accomplished individuals as they progress to the senior-management levels, so we designed the Executive Leaders Committee to engage high-profile executives in unique and special ways.”
— Stacy Lauren Musi, Chadick Ellig Executive Search, committee co-founder and co-chair

Committee Co-Chairs

Diane D’Erasmo

Diane D’Erasmo

Stacy Lauren Musi

Stacy Lauren Musi

The unique event settings and customized formats designed by this Committee attract existing, prospective and former members of the FWA, along with past FWA Distinguished Speakers, Annual Dinner honorees and Dais Members.  Participants appreciate the concept of intimate, invitation-only events where senior-ranking professionals have an opportunity to network with their peers. This FWA committee is not open to the general FWA membership. Priced at $100-$150 per event participant, past events include:

  • Private museum tours
  • Backstage tours
  • Intimate gatherings with renowned designers, chefs and musicians
  • Roundtable discussions with corporate leaders

Since its launch back in 2007, the response to the overall strategy and to the specific events powered by the FWA Executive Leaders Committee has been extremely positive and enthusiastic. Those who have participated have expressed a new or renewed purpose and enjoyment in their FWA involvement.

“We are proud of the success of our Committee, and pleased that we have been able to integrate a request from a specific segment of our membership base into the overall mission of the organization. The FWA Executive Leaders Committee delivers relevance to our members holding senior roles in the professional communities,” added Diane D’Erasmo, the second Committee co-chair.

The Committee typically creates and hosts four events per year. All or most of the event proceeds support funding for FWA initiatives such as financial literacy, mentorship programs and scholarship awards.

For more information, contact Stacy Lauren Musi at stacy@chadickellig.com or Diane D’Erasmo at diane.d’erasmo@us.hsbc.com.