Strategic Marketing & Communications

“Our Committee, like our organization, has moved away from traditional, offline marketing and communications and has instead focused on embracing integrated processes that include digital and social media marketing.”
— Cornelia Levy-Bencheton, Marketing Communications Committee co-chair

Committee Co-Chairs

Cornelia Levy-Bencheton

Cornelia Levy-Bencheton

The Marketing Communications Committee is responsible for the FWA brand, generates awareness, creates interest in the FWA and communicates the brand value proposition to help maintain a relevant, dynamic and vibrant FWA organization.

Through initiating programs, this Committee provides marketing, communications and promotional support to other FWA Committees and the FWA President on both a strategic and tactical level.

This group’s initiatives and work helps raise the profile of the FWA among various constituencies such as membership, corporate sponsors, charitable donors, influencers, referrers and the general public.

Member acquisition, retention and engagement are the key drivers of this Committee. The FWA value proposition is constantly being redefined through member feedback, survey interview research and data collection.

Our strategies to promote the organization focus on retaining current Members, finding ways to delight and engage them and on acquiring new Members who will benefit from the three primary tracks offered by the organization:

  • Events and programs that enlighten, educate, connect and engage Members in the organization and with and among each other
  • Philanthropic initiatives centered around education, support and financial backing of next generation constituencies
  • Support and recognition of women leaders and identification of corporate cultural mindset issues that either promote or hinder women reaching the top and address those, fostering an inclusive work and professional culture

All of the committee’s activities aim to accelerate the success and leadership of our Members in their careers and create an environment of camaraderie, friendship and networking.

Some Important Committee Activities

  • Social Media Team- The FWA now creates and curates events, posts, articles and links that generate lively activity across several social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (private site), LinkedIn (public site) as well as our new LinkedIn Next Gen Community site.
  • Press relations, press releases and media activities support the organization and our current President. Further, placement in traditional media promotes the organization in strategic media.

“Our enterprising social media managers run campaigns and programs on key platforms on a regular basis. These programs then generate awareness, promote membership, publicize events, bring attention to women’s issues like work/ life balance and share topics of interest with our audiences,” Ms. Levy- Bencheton added.

Additionally, the social media team highlights the FWA’s philanthropic activities, mentoring and scholarship programs. Metrics relate the success and growth of these initiatives and the value of social media to the FWA as promotional and developmental tools.

Expand the marketing scope of the FWA today by contacting Cornelia Levy-Bencheton at or Jason Dodd at