“Being part of the Membership Committee affords me the opportunity to assist the FWA in promoting its value proposition and mission statement. Through my active participation I have developed a key role where I get to meet the most people, engage them in so many different ways and pay-it-forward. How awesome is that!”
— Hermina Batson, committee co-chair

Committee Co-Chairs

Hermina “Nina” Batson

Petrina Digangi

Nicole Fox

The Membership Committee is responsible for recommending membership policies and overseeing member development, selection and integration. The committee also assists with the organization, planning and implementation of recruiting events, the engagement of Members and the review of [non-members] candidates’ applications.

With its diverse membership, the Financial Women’s Association (FWA) brings together high achieving professionals from every sector of the financial world and mirrors the dynamic financial services industry that illustrates the breadth and depth of opportunities and occupations.

A major goal of the FWA is to attract and retain the best Members that the financial community has to offer.  Accordingly, the FWA is dedicated to developing future leaders by enhancing the role of women in finance and in investing in the community.  We welcome and encourage individuals who will bring to the organization the same professionalism, dedication and abilities that have served them well in their careers to join the FWA.

How to Become an FWA Member

  1. Attend one event to qualify for membership.
    Come to an event to meet current members and a get a first-hand look at what makes the FWA so special.
  2. Fill out an online application.

I. Professional Qualifications and Pre-Requisites for Full Membership in the FWA:

A candidate must be (or have recently been):

  1. Professionally employed in a position in the financial services industry; or
  2. In a position with financially defined responsibilities for a non-financial organization; or
  3. In a position that serves financial clients

AND have four or more years of such experience.

  1. If you have a graduate degree (MBA, M.A. or M.S.) in a business related field (or a J.D. degree), you are eligible for full membership and only need at least two years of experience.
  2. Those with more than 10 years of significant business experience in the financial services industry or those who have financially defined responsibilities with a non-financial organization (or who are in a position that serves financial clients) are eligible for full membership.
  3. and lastly, financially oriented, senior-level executive recruiters and entrepreneurs responsible for the financial operations of his/her business are also welcome to become FWA members.

II. Professional Qualifications and Pre-Requisites for an Associate Membership in the FWA:

You may be considered for an associate membership if you:

  1. Have a graduate degree (MBA, M.A. or M.S.) in a business related field (or a J.D. degree) and have worked as described above for at least one year; or
  2. Have an undergraduate degree and have worked as described above for at least two years.

Note: Former FWA college interns, mentees and scholarship recipients are particularly welcome to apply for associate membership.

“Join the FWA Membership Committee and be one of the first people to meet and engage new Members. Who knows where that will lead; you could be meeting your next best friend and / or business contact!” Julia Hollander Campbell, former committee co-chair added.

To fill out our online application, click here.

For more information, contact committee co-chairs Hermina Batson at, Nicole Fox at or Petrina DiGangi at