Not for Profit

“The Not-For-Profit Committee works to help Members and non-members explore careers and volunteer opportunities in the not-for-profit world.  Transition panels give attendees guidance on careers and how to pursue them, while volunteer programs focus upon board membership and the corporate social responsibility function – governance, finances for non-profits, development, volunteer engagement.”
— Fran Smyth, former committee co-chair

Committee Co-Chairs

Andrea Kantor

Madelyn Miller

Designed to also act as a networking resource for professionals involved in both not-for-profit and for-profit organizations, this Committee works closely with Members of the FWA in order to better understand the type of programming they would like to see now and in the future.

Holding four events per year, the Not-For-Profit Committee strongly encourages Members to learn about and get involved planning all of the details related to events from the types of speakers that should be selected and the marketing efforts surrounding the event, all the way to connecting with potential future FWA Members to let them know why they should be in attendance.

Widely attended events in the past include:

  • Tips on Transitioning to the Public Sector (2012)
  • Volunteer Opportunities at Historic House Trust (2012)
  • Socially Conscious and Fiscally Sound Investing – Are They in Conflict? (2011)
  • Board Governance and Accounting (2011)
  • Board Match-up – Boards, Board Committees, and You (2010)
  • Development How To Make a Non-Profit Survive (2010)

Help to meet the needs of Members involved in the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors today! For more information, contact Andrea Kantor at or Madelyn Miller at