Professional Development

“Companies aren’t able to always offer a full range of what we can in terms of our programming due to their size or a number of other factors. People get exposure to a broader array of information when getting involved with us.”
— Peggy Decker, KnowledgeSources Consulting, former co-chair of the Professional Development Committee

Committee Co-Chairs

Sharon Lewis

Patti Mittelman

Created to enable Members to utilize key techniques for continuing to grow their professional toolset, the Professional Development Committee is important for next generation thought leaders looking to keep their competitive edge.

Four exciting and educational events are held per year that discuss information that will continue to prove its importance for years to come.

Something to highlight in regards to the Professional Development Committee is that it is actively involved in helping Members build skills in the workplace including teaching them how to better negotiate and improve their communication abilities.

Panel discussions delve into multiple topics. Some highlights of the most recent presentations are:

  • Gender intelligence
  • Helping Members understand key concepts better
  • High profile authors including Deborah Spar, the current President of Barnard

“All of our passion is around helping women excel through actual skill development. We try to make sure they leave with some really tangible things to utilize now and for years to come,” Ms. Decker added.

Get in the know and help your professional career grow! For more information, contact Sharon Lewis at or Patti Mittelman at