Veteran’s Initiatives

“Many women officers oversee a significant number of soldiers under their command. This leadership can be under high pressure situations including combat. Mentoring a woman of this caliber will certainly have reciprocal benefits for the mentor.”
— Andrea Esposito, FWA FWV committee co-chair

Committee Co-Chairs

Andrea Esposito

Andrea Esposito


Raleigh Mayer

Started in 2013, the FWA announced its new initiative, the Financial Women’s Association for Women Veterans: Serving Women Who Served. With women comprising 8% of U.S. veterans, easing their transition from the military to the private sector- in particular, financial services- is a key focus for Wall Street and beyond. As the FWA strives to accelerate the leadership of women in the financial community across all industries, our Members and corporate sponsors are stepping up to serve this important constituency.

The FWA has featured a panel discussion at JPMorgan Chase bringing together more than 125 Members and guests representing corporate partners, non-profits and government entities focused on Women Veterans to broaden the dialogue and define next steps in serving veterans. The FWA also developed a hands-on session at McGraw Hill Financial: Translating Your Military Experience for Corporate Resumes- Resume Writing & Corporate Protocol for Women Veterans. The program included matching veterans with “Resume Mentors” from the FWA.


FWA for Women Veterans Event (l-r) JPMorgan’s Maureen Casey and Theresa Piasta, Moderator Helio Fred Garcia, FWA President Kimberly Weinrick and Lt. Col Elizabeth A. Ortiz

Leveraging the experience, programs and resources of the FWA along with the knowledge of Members and corporate partners to support female veterans seeking to embark upon a new career path after leaving their respective service unit, Members involved in the FWA FWV Committee will gain the satisfaction of supporting those who have selflessly served our country. This is also an outstanding opportunity for Members to grow and showcase their skills in areas including:

  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Networking
  • Leadership

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