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Mentoring & Scholarships“Mentoring relationships are proven building blocks for advancing today’s young women on their path toward developing critical thinking skills, becoming confident in making wise choices and growing into tomorrow’s leaders,” said FWA President Kimberly Weinrick. “This partnership between Baruch College and the FWA provides students with access to the valuable experience and guidance of successful women mentors who share the insights and knowledge gained in their own careers.”

The Mentoring Committee brings to life the FWA’s mission to develop future generations of business leaders. The FWA Mentoring Program at Baruch College was started in 2002 and serves around 30 – 35 mentees a year. The purpose is to encourage women to seek career opportunities in finance and business.

Alyce Mayo, director of the FWA Mentoring program at Baruch College & Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship, describes the focus as “narrow and deep, centered on significant one-on-one mentoring of high potential women.”

The 154 mentee alumnae are also an important part of the program and their participation is encouraged on an ongoing basis. The newest initiative, the FWA Net Generation online community, will facilitate the connection of mentors and mentees with each other.

A broad array of activities focused on career and professional development include:

  • Monthly luncheon meetings comprised of panel discussions, individual presentations, authors and interactive learning workshops. Recent topics range from mentoring, leadership and charting careers, to opportunities in asset management and non-profits as well as interviewing.
  • Annual closing dinner for all current and former mentees & mentors
  • Breakfasts held at corporate sponsors
  • Relevant FWA events at no charge

Lauren Liu and her mentor Gerri Facchine; Karina Williams
and her mentor Pat Kozu, at an FWA luncheon.

The program has recently been enhanced with other opportunities such as:

  • FWA/BMO (Bank of Montreal) Capital Markets Undergraduate Endowment Scholarship Program
  • FWA Mentee Award
  • FWA Clear Speech Program
  • FWA Mentee International Study Scholarships
  • Fully funded leadership conferences
  • FWA of NY Graduate Scholarship in Business

“My hopes are to see my mentee benefit/flourish from my many life experiences. I so look forward to sharing with her as well as the professional guidance it will provide,” Mentor Martine Alexander commented.

We are always looking for new mentors. If you are interested or you know someone who is, please click below to apply:

Mentoring Application Form-Baruch College
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For more information, contact Co-Chairs Françoise Jeanpierre at and Beth Dorfman at

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