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The Wall Street Exchange Summer Program (WSE) is a career development program designed to augment and coincide with the summer internship work experience of select qualified students who are between their junior and senior years of college and who are employed as summer interns in the New York metropolitan area. The WSE IS NOT AN INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY AND DOES NOT PROVIDE INTERNSHIPS FOR STUDENTS. The program is open to both women and men, and there is no cost to students to apply or participate.

Benefits of participation in the WSE include:

  • Exciting opportunity to enhance job search skills while learning about leadership skills and thinking strategically about career choices.
  • Participation in events and programs hosted at various Wall Street firms. Events are designed to strengthen the skills necessary to execute a successful undergraduate full-time job search in financial services and related fields. Topics covered in formal education programs have included: resume writing, interview techniques, business etiquette and more.
  • Opportunity to begin building a professional network of like-minded professionals who also participate in the program, including interns and employees from sponsor firms.
  • Access to FWA members – FWA members attend the WSE program sessions and can also be referred to participants in the program for sharing professional and personal advice as well as for networking.
  • Qualification for FWA membership. Typically candidates for full membership in the FWA must have either four years of professional experience in a financial position or two years of such experience with an advanced degree in business or law. However, associate memberships are also available for candidates with less professional experience, including FWA WSE alumni.


Each candidate must complete an application form, which will be reviewed by the FWA’s College Connections Committee.

The College Connections Committee requires an official college transcript and two recommendations for each student applicant as part of the application submission. At least one recommendation must be an academic recommendation; the other may be an additional academic recommendation or a reference from an employer with whom you have worked or interned in the past 18 months.

While the prerequisite for qualification is a paid summer internship in the New York City metro area with a financial services company or a financial position with a non-financial services company, applicants who are completing the job interview process will be considered for the Wall Street Exchange Summer Program.

Your summer job employment status will be confirmed in late May when the College Connections Committee contacts applicants with follow-up questions and to notify applicants of acceptance to the program.

Download the application

Download the 2014 Wall Street Exchange – Professional Development and Leadership  Program Schedule

2014 WSE Program Schedule

What Former Summer Participants Are Saying About The Wall Street Exchange

“Each week we gathered at a different firm to network with professionals and develop our skills. Outside of the weekly sessions I had new friends to explore the city with, mentors to bounce career ideas off and successful role models to look up to. I would highly recommend the WSE program to anyone interested in working in finance in New York. It is a truly a one of a kind experience.” – Ashley Rose Stumbaugh, WSE ’11

“Each and every week the speakers and hosts of the events gave me an opportunity to learn a variety of tips whether it be on career advice, resume building or networking. The advice has proven to be priceless and has already helped me tremendously.”  – Marc Bitterman, WSE ’11

“The WSE was a great supplement to my internship. At the end of the summer, I had developed a secure network of professionals to whom I can turn for advice and guidance as I begin my career. As the summer progressed, I felt that my ability to speak confidently with financial professionals improved.”
– Meghan Murnane, WSE ’11

“My experience in the Wall St. Exchange is something I will take with me for the rest of my life. Besides learning more each week than I could have hoped to anticipate, I also made professional contacts, and even friends. The experience will continue to inform my decisions throughout life. I don’t think there is anything out there quite like the Wall St. Exchange.” –Schuyler Bisbee, WSE ’11

“The Wall Street Exchange is an incredible program and I truly feel blessed to have been a part of it. I would not have been able to secure my full-time job if I did not participate in the Wall Street Exchange. It is certainly something that I would recommend to anyone who is considering a career on Wall Street. It will provide you with an immense amount of knowledge about the industry, increase your personal network, improve your resume and ensure that you are fully prepared for your career.”
– Michael Perrier, WSE ’11

“Thank you for coordinating the WSE program. It was a terrific experience. I am sure we all learned more about ourselves and each other from the very first meeting about our personality and career match with Shoya Zichy and through interactions with professionals and our peers.” – Crisann Shair, WSE ‘07

“Everyone I have met through the program has been so helpful. The WSE has been very instrumental in helping me navigate through the array of finance careers. Having grown up with very few relatives or friends in the finance industry, this program was an amazing opportunity for me to meet potential mentors and colleagues.”
– Kamiu Lee, WSE ’06

Past Class Highlights

2013 WSE Participant List
Participants in WSE 2013 joined us from 16 different Universities and Colleges and were employed by 19 different companies.

2012 WSE Participant List
Participants in WSE 2012 joined us from 21 different Universities and Colleges and were employed by 20 different companies.

2011 WSE Participant List
Participants in WSE 2011 joined us from 32 different Universities and Colleges and were employed by 20 different companies.

2010 WSE Participant List
Participants in WSE 2010 joined us from 16 different Universities and Colleges and were employed by 11 different companies.

2009 WSE Participant List
Participants in WSE 2009 joined us from 15 different Universities and Colleges and were employed by 13 different companies.

2008 WSE Participant List
Participants in WSE 2008 joined us from 17 different Universities and Colleges and were employed by 18 different companies.  2008 WSE Participants List

2007 WSE Participants List
WSE Participants ListParticipants in WSE 2007 joined us from 22 different Universities and Colleges and were employed by 17 different companies.  2007 WSE Participants List

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