Professional Development

Professional DevelopmentThe FWA offers a wide range of events, seminars and networking opportunities designed to address the professional development needs of our diverse membership.   Whether you are a seasoned professional ready for a corporate board seat; an emerging leader embarking on a new career; or an entrepreneur striving to take your business to the next level; we aim to provide you with relevant career insights and strategies.

As the FWA works to accelerate the leadership of women, several committees specifically work to provide off-the-job training needed for on-the-job success. Major goals of these groups include providing Members with insightful training, coaching and thought leadership that highlights utilizing key techniques for continuing to grow their professional toolset, maintaining a competitive edge and access to leading research, such as hearing from the researchers and authors of Gender Intelligence, Wonder Women: Sex, Power, and the Quest for Perfection, Changing the Rules: Adventures of a Wall Street Maverick, The Weekend that Changed Wall Street and The Power of Communication.

There is even a committee focused on those who look to transition from the financial services space to the non-profit space, as well as business training for entrepreneurs examining topics such as business accounting and disruptive technology.

In addition, there are Members only offerings that include career connections for those in transition, as well as programming for those interested to learn about areas outside of their direct professional experience.

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