Doing Something “Like a Girl” is Actually a Great Thing: Beatriz Manetta Empowers Women & Latinas

You may have been told the following once or twice in your life: “You run like a girl… you throw like a girl.”

How do we turn this belittlement of girls and women into positive recognition of the capabilities of girls and women?


Beatrix Manetta , CEO, President and Founder of Argent Associates

In a recent presentation hosted by the Financial Women’s Association at the Stillman School of Business of Seton Hall University, Beatrix Manetta CEO, President and Founder of Argent Associates, an innovative supply chain solutions provider, showed this YouTube video. It illustrates that doing something “like a girl” – from throwing to fighting – can actually help women, even though some may be quick to judge through a negative lens.

Drawing from her own experience as a Hispanic business owner and leader, Ms. Manetta shared the following 4 tips for women:

  • Seize opportunities – During her 20-plus career at AT&T and Lucent, one of Ms. Manetta’s responsibilities was to manage the minority supplier program. Eventually, Ms. Manetta decided herself to become a minority supplier.

    Beatrix Manetta CEO, President and Founder of Argent Associates; Melinda DiBenedetto,Vice President, PNC Bank an FWA member; Stacey Rothenberg, Associate Relationship Manager, PNC Financial Services and FWA member; and Stephanie Hauge, co-chair of the FWA-NJ Committee.

    How did she do this? Under the tutelage of another established firm… until she was able to amass the capital and credibility to purchase her own warehouses. Going the corporate route allowed her to learn by doing, and then eventually branch out on her own.

  • Welcome new cultures – After she was given an assignment in Cairo for a few years (although only fluent in Spanish), Ms. Manetta attributed her success there to being sensitive to the culture, and doing her homework in this regard before arriving. It really comes down to both learning and listening alike.
  • Save money – Ms. Manetta also advised attendees to save money during the good times, and spend during tough times. This will “strengthen your brand and reputation for sustainability,” she said.
  • Build a solid reputation – Finally, reputation. Ms. Manetta said making informed moves that can build one’s reputation based on integrity, strong values and ethical business conduct will prove invaluable for years to come.

Ms. Manetta interacting with guests during a networking session.

Pointing to National Hispanic American Heritage Month, Ms. Manetta underscored the role Hispanic businesses have played in the economy. Hispanic businesses, including Argent Associates, contribute more than $500 billion in revenue to our country’s growth.

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