Help “Polish” a Future as an FWA Mentor

Ellen Cahill — long-term FWA member, Baruch mentor, and communications expert with over 30 years of experience — addressed the Financial Women’s Association’s (FWA) Mentoring Program dinner at Baruch College, where she presented a workshop for mentors and mentees on how to:

  • Prepare and deliver a concise message;
    Adapt your material for any kind and level of meeting;
    Convert your featured skills into listener benefits;
    Help the listener remember you and your message; and
    Cope with nervousness.

Ms. Cahill pointed out that using polished communication is crucial to success in a variety of business and social situations, including one-on-one, small informal meetings, phone calls, video conferences, and formal staff and board meetings. This seminar offered an opportunity for mentees to master skills that will help them be successful as they prepare for careers.

The workshop was one of several that FWA student mentees experience along with working one-on-one with their mentors, FWA members with real business experience.

Mentoring offers students a unique opportunity to receive valuable advice from role models who have a wealth of experience to share, to network with other mentees and mentors, and to learn firsthand about some of the keys to success.

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