Masterful Public Speaking

Introducing the FWA’s first interactive workshop series to build your public speaking skills. Regardless of your level of experience, in this three-part series you’ll acquire valuable tips to help you speak with less fear and more power and presence in front of a room. Whether for professional enhancement or personal pleasure, you’ll be well prepared to give a presentation, make a speech, provide a testimonial, make a wedding toast, and gain many other benefits.

During Session 1, we’ll dive right in and practice key verbal and nonverbal elements to help you become a better speaker. Sessions 2 and 3 will further build upon tips, technique and tools and provide valuable practice assignments with a small study group to sharpen your public speaking skills between sessions. You’ll also get tools to measure your progress in specific areas. For optimal results, register up front for the 3-part series (discount package option) and benefit from the most practice time and teamwork to accelerate your progress.

You’ll learn key basics such as:

  • Managing your stage fright – in front of audiences large or small
  • Projecting confidence when speaking to authority figures
  • Engaging your audiences – in person and online
  • Getting beyond the drone of slide after PowerPoint slide
  • Creating powerful beginnings and endings
  • Improving the most important verbal and nonverbal aspects of your presentations
  • Using smartphone video feedback to improve your performance

Come join us and build camaraderie with other FWA members while having fun discovering new techniques that make you more comfortable speaking in public.


Nancy Ancowitz

Nancy Ancowitz

Tony Coretto

Tony Coretto

This event is organized by the FWA Membership Committee and Men’s Alliance Committee of the FWA of New York, Inc., with special recognition to committee co-chairs: Hermina “Nina” Batson, Charles Bernard, Julia Hollander Campbell; and committee members: Marleen “Molly” Levi, Cornelia Levy-Bencheton, and Sharon Lewis.

Sidley AustinSpecial thanks to Sidley Austin LLC for underwriting this event. Sidley Austin LLC is a member of the FWA President’s Circle.

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