Profile of Success: Lindsay Starr, Executive Director at Morgan Stanley

Networking – it’s a powerful way to boost your career, especially with smart, successful women.

Lindsay Starr, Executive Director of Prospect Management and Client Coverage, Morgan Stanley, and Committee Chair of the Financial Backpack Program

So, says Lindsay Starr, Executive Director, Prospect Management and Client Coverage, Morgan Stanley, and Committee Chair of the Financial Backpack Program at the Financial Women’s Association.

It’s no secret that everyone should be financially literate — no matter what their gender or ethnicity is. But with longer lifespans (7 years on average) than men, woman especially need to be able to support themselves and be prepared for whatever happens in life, says Starr.

“I hear many stories of women who become widows, whose husbands always did the financial management, and they are very lost and vulnerable,” Ms. Starr said.

But by blending her love of finances with her desire to do good, Lindsay has been able to have an impact — both on clients and those less fortunate.

After three years as a rotational analyst at MBNA America (now owned by Bank of America), Lindsay realized she needed to learn more about the business. So, she went on to get her MBA at Fordham University Graduate School of Business. It was there that she got involved with the FWA after winning the FWA MBA Scholarship.

The very next year, she became involved in the FWA’s Financial Backpack program, which provides financial education to high school students.

“I loved the idea of teaching young adults how to be financially responsible,” says Starr. “I wanted to give back to the community. I have always enjoyed volunteering with young adults and wanted do something where I could use my skills as a financial professional. The Financial Backpack was a perfect fit!”

After holding many different roles in technology and project management at leading financial services companies including Bank of New York, Smith Barney and Citi (now Morgan Stanley), Starr now runs a 10 person group called Prospect Management and Client Coverage. “I built the system and now run the team,” she added.

Lindsay revealed that she has always been interested in learning as much as possible about the industry, technology and how the two can connect, and she tries to bring that to the classroom for Financial Backpack.

“The opportunity to share your knowledge with young adults is a really great feeling. Additionally, it is an opportunity to meet other FWA Members and give back to the community. Being involved in Financial Backpack has made me appreciate the lessons I learned at a young age about saving money and spending wisely. It feels good passing that knowledge onto the next generation,” she added.

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