Still Trying to Get into the Post-Labor Day Groove? Advice from Top Women

We’ve all been there—an extra-long weekend off from work like the one we just experienced this past Labor Day weekend—and it can be harder than ever to jump out of bed, get your mojo running and return back to the daily grind of working a full-time, high stress job.

Granted, this is light reading for you financial gurus, but still special enough to be shared.


FWA Leadership Council Member Raleigh Mayer, Gravitas Guru

FWA Leadership Council Member Raleigh Mayer, Gravitas Guru: Whether it’s the wonderful weather we’ve been having or just the transition from a long recreational (or relaxing) weekend you are facing, here are three ways to help snap out of the slump and get back in career mode:

  1. Attitude is Everything: If you tell yourself (and everyone else) that you dread the day ahead, it will undoubtedly be a downer. Instead, focus on at least one positive thing and repeat it like a mantra, such as: “I can’t wait to catch up with the gossip,” “Really excited to plan the new client program,” or “So happy the new intern is starting.”
  2.  Take Care of Yourself: Time off can be time out from good habits, so if you’ve been overindulging or under-exercising, your mood will also suffer. Expresso shots are not the answer (although they can help); the best and more lasting solution is going back to basics with adequate sleep, healthy menus, hydration—and yes, exercise.
  3. Bring Some of the Time Off In: Post-holiday and seasonal transitions are tough for everyone, so you can lighten up your surroundings by importing some summer to your office: A breezy bunch of flowers, some seashells from the beach, a photo of a favorite vacation moment, or a festive souvenir will help maintain that holiday spirit.

And here’s my favorite way to keep that vacation vibe going: Plan the next one.

Hermina Nina Batson

Hermina Batson, Vice President of The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi & FWA Board Member

Hermina Batson, Vice President of The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. & FWA Board Member: Make an hourly agenda of things to do (or an agenda with no more than 3-5 items on it to complete per day). Separate it out by big “to do’s” and little ones as well. The ultimate goal is to feel like you’ve accomplished something/a lot of things before midnight each day. Also, don’t forget to eat, walk around to clear your mind and drink water!

Nicole, another FWA Member: “Fall is my favorite season of the year, but getting back into a routine after summer can take some adjustment. Carve out a couple hours outside normal business hours to clean out emails, clean off your desk, and prioritize your goals and make an action plan for the remainder of the year so you have clear objectives and are setting yourself up for a successful end of the year.”

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