Baruch College Receives $312,500 Grant to Support Financial Women’s Association Mentoring Program

Baruch Student and Alumna Reap Benefits From Their Experience

(L-R) Lauren Liu and her mentor Gerri Facchine; Karina Williams and her mentor Pat Kozu, at a Financial Women’s Association Luncheon

In a press release, Baruch College highlights the multi-year FWA grant and mentorship program. Baruch College was awarded a $312,500 multi-year gift from the Financial Women’s Association in support of a mentoring program for female students at the College.

The multi-year gift was launched in fall 2012 and will be paid through fall 2016. Through the gift, every new mentee in the program will receive a $1,500 award and $10,000 is available each year for the mentees to use to study abroad.

“Mentoring relationships are proven building blocks for advancing today’s young women on their path toward developing critical thinking skills, becoming confident in making wise choices and growing into tomorrow’s leaders,” said FWA President Kimberly Weinrick. “This partnership between Baruch College and the FWA provides students with access to the valuable experience and guidance of successful women mentors who share the insights and knowledge gained in their own careers.”

FWA Mentee and her Mentor

This FWA Mentoring Program was started in 2002. Since then, it has served 154 students and has been enhanced to include other opportunities for these students including the FWA/BMO Capital Markets Undergraduate Endowment Scholarship Program, the FWA Mentee Award, the FWA Clear Speech Program, the FWA Mentee Study Abroad Program, leadership conferences and the FWA of New York Graduate Scholarship in Business.

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Baruch Mentees at an FWA/Baruch Mentoring Luncheon