Chelsea Clinton Inspires FWA Mentees with Leadership Advice

Students Build Confidence and Interview Skills

(l-r): Emma Shen, Yan Bai and Ruchi Shah

When FWA Mentee Ruchi Shah opened a brochure for an event for college women leaders, little did she know that it would change her life.
As she opened the pamphlet, she read the words “empower yourself.”

She thought to herself: “I guess this means I have to be stronger and be thick-skinned.”

But after hearing from a diverse group of women in science, broadcast journalism, social advocacy, and public relations, she learned that “empowering yourself does not mean being cold hearted, strong, and thick skinned,” as Shah put it. “It means having a voice, being vulnerable to different opportunities, and being empathetic to the emotions of everyone around you.”

Shah and some 1,000 young women from around the world, including four lucky students taking part in the FWA–Baruch College Mentoring Program, joined together at the University of Maryland, College Park for the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL).

Leadership Advice from Chelsea

Keynote delivered by Chelsea Clinton

One of the biggest highlights of the event was when the girls were able to hear firsthand advice from Chelsea Clinton, vice chair of the Clinton Foundation, as well as daughter of former president Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton, former United States secretary of state and senator.

“After hearing Ms. Clinton’s speech,” FWA mentee Emma Shen said, ”I learned that a true leader wants to make changes and is always looking for a partner who can fight for the same goal.”

She added, “As girls, we face some challenges when taking leadership roles. Clinton’s advice was that we need to be honest about what challenges that girls particularly face and be able to talk about challenges with someone else, for example, with mentors.”

Interviewing Skills

Mentee Tatyana Shtrauh

Mentee Yan Bai said the highlight for her was the “Be your best interviewee” workshop. The workshop, delivered by Tiki Ayiku, the director of educational programs at NASPA, “taught us all the tools and tricks of the trade to deliver the best possible interview.”

Yan added that Ms. Ayiku’s workshop addressed everything from refining personal presentation to navigating the toughest interview questions.

“She gave us a list of good questions to us at the end of interview and also a strong sample of a thank you letter. After attending this interview workshop, I am more confident for the upcoming fall semester recruiting season,” Bai added.

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Baruch mentees enjoy attending the conference