FWA Leadership Council Closing Dinner

Leadership Toasts and Roasts President Kimberly Weinrick

Michele Maybaum, Joan Shapiro Green and Barbara Cohen

The Financial Women’s Association Leadership Council recognized FWA President Kimberly Weinrick for her contributions to the FWA, with a wonderful tradition of toasting and roasting. The Council came together to celebrate the achievements of this fiscal year including: the FWA’s new website, Member-only sessions on Capital Markets and Board Readiness, a number of CEOs speaking with the FWA, 50 FWA Delegates traveling to Berlin, fundraising in new ways including on CharityBuzz, and launching a Women Veteran’s initiative: Serving Women Who Served. As the organization has many exciting efforts underway, they took a moment to look back at the hard work and laughter along the way.

Stephaine Ackler, Lisa Mezzetti and Raleigh Mayer

Vice Presidents Barbara Cohen, Katrin Dambrot, Beth Dorfman and Karen Elinski, and Treasurer Michele Maybaum provided the evening’s entertainment with lighthearted jokes of some of Ms. Weinrick’s initiatives during the year. Among them was a spoof related to the differences in the roll out of the new FWA website as compared to the Affordable Care Act website delivered by Karen Elinski in a “10 Reasons Why the FWA Website Rollout Was Better” routine; a presentation by Barbara Cohen of a helmet (pink with ladybug designs) and goggles in recognition (and as future prevention) of the physical mishaps that Ms. Weinrick suffered during the year; and a listing by Katrin Dambrot of many bizarre co-hosting opportunities between committees if the co-hosting initiative was carried to “co-hosting ad absurdum.”

FWA President Kimberly Weinrick receives a few gifts from her Vice Presidents

FWA Board Member and Past President Joan Shapiro Green also joined the fun with a lighthearted poke at Kim’s graciousness in thanking and recognizing everyone for their achievements at all meetings, citing many of the thank you’s that Ms. Weinrick had mentioned and calculating the time that could have been saved at meetings if all the applause had been eliminated.

Ms Weinrick ultimately was presented with an “exquisite” David Yurman bracelet from the Leadership Council.

“It has been an absolute privilege for me to serve as President of such an extraordinary organization over this past year. Even though Joan stole my speech, I will add a few additional thank you’s to her list.” She continued, “To the strong, engaging and powerful leaders in the room here tonight – thank you for your dedication and perseverance. You have raised your hands, tried new ideas, run ‘pilot programs’ and experienced great success as we move the FWA to this next exciting chapter.” She added acknowledgement to Interim Executive Director Karen Karpowich and hard work from the office team, Lisa Buddenhagen and Jamie Epstein, who “moved a few mountains to launch our impressive and user friendly website, among many other initiatives.”

Beth Dorfman, Michele Mayer, Karen Elinski, Kimberly Weinrick, Katrin Dambrot, Joan Shapiro Green and Barbara Cohen

Ms. Weinrick, also introduced her husband, Brian Weinrick, a research scientist, introducing her “most important partner and biggest advocate.” Further, the VPs also gave President-Elect Maureen Adolf a small present for her to share with her husband — a photo of herself — since he may not be seeing much of her this coming year. Maureen will “accept the gavel” at the Annual Meeting on June 30.

All told, it was a great evening with colleagues and friends sharing many successes from over the past year.

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