FWA WestCon and UBS Present: Resiliency At Work An FWA and UBS co-sponsored event

FWA-WestCon and UBS proudly presented “Resiliency at Work” with Jean Stetz-Puchalski, founder of Individual Differences at Work, LLC, on March 27 at UBS headquarters in Stamford, Ct. FWA Members, their guests, and UBS employees, shared two hours of networking and an interactive dialogue with one of the leaders in workplace resiliency. Jean gave attendees a common sense framework to help take charge and create opportunities for workplace success. “It’s time for us to rewrite our narratives and cast away the limiting beliefs that are holding us back,” she noted. Jean stressed that we need to consistently work towards achieving our true potential. She provided tools that can be used in various situations to create workplace harmony and well-being. Jean noted that work/life balance is of growing importance to both genders and companies who help their employees with resiliency techniques will be rewarded by loyalty and more efficiency.

FWA Member Liz Farrar, Guest Speaker Jean Stetz-Puchalski, with FWA-WestCon Co-Chairs Mary Gilmartin and Jean Cleary

“Stand up.” – “Breath in.” – Simple words that can change the direction of conflict. Jean guided attendees to move away from conflict zones to zones of strength and courage. Language and our awareness is a big part of our handling workplace conflict and Jean stressed that we need to understand and be more cognizant of the language we use. Ask open ended questions that don’t point fingers at anyone. Say “I am” and see the shift in your power, she noted. “Come at life without self-judgment.” More wise words for many who struggle with their inner critic.

“Triggers” or initial responses to adversity are very important to control and understand. “Fight/flight/freeze” Take a look, pause and reposition anger that might be used to ultimately harm you. We all have skill gaps but Jean insisted that those do not need to undermine our success. Create assessments of your values and motives, be truthful and know yourself so that you can have a positive input on your work environment.

One person’s ability to bounce back after an adverse event, conflict, or failure may be the difference between those who struggle and those who grow and thrive at work. All attendees were given ample opportunity to learn that resiliency is key to personal and professional growth.

Special thanks to Susan Jankowski FWA/UBS and Liz Farrar FWA UBS PC and our guest speaker Jean Stetz-Puchalski.

Thanks to FWA-WestCon networking coordinator, Mary Gardiner, and to our reception team: Singari Seshadri and Dori Graff and Pat Addeo for this article.