FWA Women of the Year Awards Committee Chair Tina M. Vizzini is a recipient of a New York Women’s Agenda 2013 Galaxy Award

On December 19, 2013 the New York Women’s Agenda named the recipients of the 2013 Galaxy Award. The awards are given to 15 outstanding volunteers from member organizations of the NYWA coalition. Tina M. Vizzini, Chair of the FWA Women of Year Awards was one of the honorees. In addition veteran broadcaster Roz Abram received the Elinor (Elly) Guggenheimer Lifetime Achievement Award.

Photo Highlights

Honorees Tina M. Vizzini with Roz Abrams

Raleigh Mayer, FWA Representative NYWA Board and Committee Co-Chair Professional Development with Tina M. Vizzini

Raleigh, Tina, Linda Hamilton former FWA Board Member and NYWA Treasurer, Alana McNichol Co-Chair FWA Entrepreneurs Committee and Liz Weinmann FWA Member