Innovation – How Can I Become a Better Innovator?

FWA Board Member Lily Klebanoff Blake, Guest Speaker Amelia Dunlop, Principal in Doblin, Monitor Deloitte’s Innovation practice and FWA Business and Government Affairs Committee Co-chair Cathleen Carroll

On March 27th the FWA’s Business and Government Affairs Committee along with Deloitte hosted an event on Innovation. The opening remarks from FWA President Kimberly Weinrick thanked Deloitte for their partnership with the FWA and for sharing their knowledge on this very important business topic. This exciting seminar explored the practices of identifying innovation opportunities. The insightful discussion was presented by two experts in the field of Innovation – Amelia Dunlop and Yi Leng Lee of Doblin, Monitor Deloitte’s Innovation practice.

What sets successful innovators apart? It is average to stay on top of the game. Innovation leaders focus on changing the game. Key discussion points included the following insights:

  • Think of innovation as a discipline
  • Use the discipline of innovation to introduce a new way of using the same products
  • While most innovation is product driven, it is also important to think beyond the product
  • Include both the back of the house (processing) and the front of the house (product)
  • Most successful innovations have multiple types and uses
  • Identify the blind spots and challenge orthodoxies
  • Engage stakeholders in your organization in identifying and challenging orthodoxies.

Recommended Reading:
Ten Types of Innovation: The Discipline of Building Breakthroughs by Larry Keeley. The Ten Types of Innovation concept has influenced thousands of executives and companies around the world since its discovery in 1998. The Ten Types of Innovation is the first book explaining how to implement it.