Murry Bergtraum Seniors Rejoice at Closing Mentoring Dinner

Mentor Mee Warren with a MBHS Mentee

On June 18th, lower Manhattan-based Murry Bergtraum High School (MBHS) celebrated the continued success seen through the FWA Mentoring Program. MBHS has over a 25 year relationship with the FWA and is highlighted as being the longest running program in the NYC public school system. Many graduates of this program are the first in their family to complete high school and continue onto college. Since program inception, all MBHS Mentees have graduated on time and enrolled in college.

Some of the skills taught during the program include:

  • One-on-one teaching that is conducted in person, by e-mail and phone
  • An online community that students and mentor facilitators can access at anytime
  • Professional development and career readiness lessons
  • Confidence building
  • SAT’s and PSAT’s Prep Classes
  • How to respond to different business-related situations

Mentor Donna Held with her mentee

In one specific case, Leslie Veloz, the first in her family to attend college, revealed that her mentor helped her not only narrow down where she wanted to jumpstart her higher education degree but also sat with her when applying for colleges. “She reviewed the countless essays I wrote that were required for each individual school. My mentor also helped expose me to different cultural experiences, things that I wouldn’t have had access to on my own, and offered me a glimpse into her world and her own personal experiences.” Ms. Veloz will be attending the University of Buffalo in August.

Mentor Barbara Cohen with her mentee

During the closing dinner, seniors were recognized for their achievements throughout the mentoring process. Two iPad Airs were presented to two individual particularly deserving girls, with one now graduating early and headed to Howard University in the fall. The other had a rather unique situation: While she was extremely talented when it came to competitive running, she was significantly lacking when it came to taking the time needed to study after practice due to the fact that she was so tired from her sport. Her mentor worked closely with her to learn better time management skills and even assisted her in making the tough decision to take some time away from the team to concentrate on her studies. Now, this Mentee will be headed to Fairleigh Dickson University in a few short months.

Mentoring Committee Co-Chairs Beth Dorfman and Françoise Jeanpierre highlighted the fact that every single mentee in the room “should be recognized and that they all have gotten where they are because of the fact that they truly are preservers and have a vision for themselves.” Ms. Jeanpierre added, “Mentors are the key element to this mentoring program. Through the one on one relationship mentors help the Mentee gain confidence, discover their strengths and weaknesses, learn how to compensate for the weak points, and always keep an eye on the goal.”

FWA Member and Mentor Maribeth Martorana concluded, “To me, it’s nice to make a huge impact on someone’s life.”

The MBHS mentee award winner with Mentoring Committee Co-chairs Beth Dorfman (center, back) and Francoise Jeanpierre (far right)

Special thanks to Mentoring Committee Co-Chairs Beth Dorfman and Françoise Jeanpierre in addition to all of our FWA Mentors.